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Since 1983, we have been working directly with many nuclear Access Authorization programs to quickly and efficiently conduct background investigations for Unescorted Access Authorization clearance.  With over 60 years of combined work experience in the nuclear industry, you can rest assured that all our processes are tried-and-true and adhere to all federal regulations mandated by the NRC. We currently process for 16 different nuclear utilities at over 30 nuclear plants (active, decommissioned, and under construction), as well as many top vendors/contractors that work onsite. We have since expanded our clientele to also provide background investigations for other non-nuclear and unregulated high-risk job sites and industries across America. 


Incorporated in 1983, CSI is a privately held licensed investigative agency, consisting of 30 full-time employees. All our employees are known to be trustworthy & reliable and are subjected to the same exact type of background investigation as required by NEI 03-01 regulation.  Our staff is fully trained & prepared to meet the rigorous demands of outage processing. 


When it comes to high-speed processing, few (if any) investigative agencies can exceed our 3 to 5 day turnaround time. Our management personnel have an extensive knowledge of nuclear access authorization and FFD regulations & requirements.  All of our investigative staff are fully trained in all areas of the investigative process; however, each investigator is assigned to their area of expertise, which helps to facilitate a more efficient & accurate investigation.

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