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Incorporated in 1983, CSI is a privately held licensed investigative agency, consisting of 30 full time employees. All our employees are known to be trustworthy & reliable and are subjected to the same exact type of background investigation as required by NEI 03-01 regulation.  Our staff is fully trained & prepared to meet the rigorous demands of outage processing. 

Quality is Paramount

Over the past 35 years, CSI has provided the nuclear industry with over 500,000 background investigations.  Working closely with our clients as an extension of the site's access authorization department has enhanced our understanding of the need for efficient & cost effective processing. Prior to transmittal to client, each CSI background is subject to a quality control review.  Data validation is provided by several internal quality checks performed and documented at various points in the investigative process. Regulatory and procedural responsibilities are heavily emphasized in our training program; and we maintain detailed training documentation on each of our employees.

All of our employees have been subject to their own background investigation including:

  • Verification of Identity

  • Local criminal history check

  • Credit check

  • 3 year employment check

  • Interview with two developed references

  • Continued re-investigations of components

To ensure the accuracy of information, CSI follows a stringent quality control program including: 

  • Data validation

  • Quality evaluations

  • Internal/external audits

CSI is audited annually by the NEI Shared Audit Group (a group comprised of a random mix of professionals from the nuclear industry). We also conduct random verification of investigator contacts (internal audit) on a 5% sample population of all completed backgrounds to ensure correct documentation. 

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