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Established in 1983, CSI stands as the premier, licensed and privately-owned investigative agency, with a dedicated team of 38 professionals. Upholding the highest standards of integrity, each member undergoes rigorous background checks in line with NEI nuclear regulations. We are expertly trained, ready to navigate the complex demands of outage processing with total precision and reliability. Let's get to work! 

Quality is Paramount

For over four decades, Confidential Services Inc. (CSI) has been a beacon of reliability in the nuclear industry, delivering more than 500,000 background investigations. Our enduring partnership with clients, functioning seamlessly as an extension of the site's access authorization department, underscores our unparalleled comprehension of the importance of both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Adhering steadfastly to the standards set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), we bring unmatched compliance and security to every project. Recognizing the profound significance of UAA clearance, you can trust in our fervent commitment to delivering thorough, precise information, enabling you to make informed decisions confidently.

Team Meeting

All of our employees have been subject to their own background investigation including:

  • Verification of Identity

  • Local criminal history check

  • Credit check

  • 3 year employment check

  • Interview with two developed references

  • Continued re-investigations of components

Every background report crafted by CSI undergoes a stringent quality control review before being relayed to our clients. This assurance is fortified by multiple internal data validation steps, meticulously documented throughout the investigative process. Our training programs emphasize regulatory and procedural responsibilities, and we scrupulously maintain comprehensive training records for every member of our team. 


CSI undergoes rigorous scrutiny, audited annually by the NEI Shared Audit Group — a collective of professionals from the nuclear sector. Furthermore, we internally uphold our standards by randomly selecting and re-verifying investigator contacts from all finalized background checks, ensuring impeccable documentation. Choosing CSI offers you an insight into unparalleled professionalism and efficiency in nuclear background investigations. Partner with us to experience the distinct blend of dedication and expertise that sets CSI apart in the nuclear industry.

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To ensure the accuracy of information, CSI follows a stringent Quality Control program including: 

  • Data validation

  • Quality evaluations

  • Internal/external audits

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